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1 day up to 6 people

One overnight stay in La Vera

Motorcycle ride around the county of La Vera, enjoying the unique sights during the day and relaxing in the evening in a quiet appartment, where you can taste the traditional Verata cuisine, seasoned with care, in a lounge by the fireplace.

We will welcome you on Saturday morning and will see you off on Sunday after you have a relaxed and haste free breakfast.


Up to 4 people (tell us if you are coming with children and we will make arrangements).
Includes overnight stay with a guided tour:
185 euro /day.

From Monday to Thursday we can improve the price:
only 148 euro

Weekend for TWO PEOPLE

Spend a weekend with a friend or your partner touring with a motorcycle

Come along! Enjoy with your motorcycle a whole weekend to get to know trails, difficult terrain and a pleasant accommodation where we can provide meals based on traditional local cuisine.


Includes Accommodation + Guided tour + Breakfast + Lunch + Supper:
283 euro full weekend.

Option of Accommodation without meals, 2 nights + Guided tour:
215 euro full weekend.

Accommodation only, without meals or guide, 2 nights:
140 euro full weekend.



Accommodation 2 people in bedroom with fireplace + Guided tour:

145 euro Total

Other combinations of persons/motorcycles... please call so we can talk about it...

If you want to spend more time with us, we can also make that happen. We provide the accommodations and everything you need to spend a few days really getting to know La Vera. Contact us and we will draw up a plan of activities, accommodations and meals, just for you.

By motorcycle

If you like off-road motorcycling but want to discover new places or don't want to go alone, this is for you. We will accompany you on the trails, pointing out the challenging spots and offering the support you need to enjoy the scenery and the ride.

We will make sure you experience an adventure, while never forgetting the importance of staying safe and feeling secure*.


Participant in the Spanish motocross championship, member of BMW motorcycle-based expeditions to North Cape (Norway), Naples, London and Dubrovnik.

What to bring

You have to bring your own motorcycle... This is such a personal thing we cannot lend you one, we can only go on the outing with you and make sure you have a great time.

You should also bring the usual gear for off-road motorcycling and if you have a tank bag we will give you a map of the area, a field notebook and…. maybe a surprise or two!

Give it a try!

*All of our activities are covered with civil liability and accident insurance for each participant. A support vehicle is available at all times, with a first-aid kit, radio communication equipment, GPS and GSM communication.