Our experiencie

Carlos Antón

Carlos Antón

Technical director of Conyegar

- Member of AFP (Association of Professional Photographers) and the Union of Paper and Graphic Artists. Qualified professional photographer.

- Member of the speleological rescue team of CCCE (Central Castile Speleology Committee).

- Degree in Business from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Somosaguas, Madrid

- Certified parachutist with 26 jumps.

- School of Marketing Studies, Madrid. Certificate in Marketing and Business Administration.

- Trained diver, with certification by FEDAS (Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities).

- Certified Nitrox diver.

- Founding member AFPMM (Association of Advertising and Fashion Photographers of Madrid).

- Diving instructor certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

Xiomara Cantera

Xiomara Cantera

Responsible for the kitchen and delicious menus

- Journalist at the National Natural Sciences Museum, of the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council).

- Editor of Excelencias del Caribe. Editorial co-ordinator of the journals offered by this publishing group.

- Monthly magazine Cocina Futuro. Editorial chief of the publication.

- Courses in graphic design and web design Dreamsoft Creactiva and Discovery Formacion.

- Undergraduate Degree in Information Sciences from Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Marta Villasán

Marta Villasán

Activities coordinator

  • Degree in Biology and Master in Biodiversity Conservation (USAL).
  • Ornithologist and nature guide in Extremadura.
  • Experience Environmental Educator, nature guide and instructor in the San Rafael National Park (Paraguay).
  • Voluntary in Doñana National Park, and the wetland Atapuerca.
  • Advanced Diver PADI.
  • Red Cross Lifeguard Emergency.

  • Extremadura birth and heart, restless love of Extremadura, its fauna and flora, its traditions, its people and its singularities, Natura lover, blogger, environmental educator, photographer, writer and part-time dreamer.

Miriam Cantera

Miriam Cantera

Head of mixed media

- Degree in Fine Arts, with a specialisation in printmaking (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

- Cofounder of the print studio elmonodelatinta.

- Winner of prize at Presse-Papier art centre in Trois Rivieres, Quebec.

- First place at Estampa Inédita “Luís García Ochoa” Awards.

- Second place at the Printmaking Awards of Orduña, Basque Country.

- Second place at 1st National Printmaking Awards, Dinastía Vivanco, Rioja.

- Second place at the 2nd International “Jesús Núñez” Printmaking Awards.

- First place at the 27th Edition of Miniprint in Cadaqués, Cataluña.

- Second place at “Máximo Ramos” Printmaking Awards.